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Somewhere In Between

...what is real and just a dream...

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twenty-something female living in miami. addicted to the internet, shopping, shoes, and purses. movie addict, animal lover, book worm. idealistic when it comes to love. believer of fairy tales and happily ever afters. borderline ocd when it comes to things i love. tend to become completely engrossed. currently in love with jensen ackles. middle child who seeks external validation via academic achievements and other endeavours.RN BSN entering the healthcare workforce. excited and terrified. mostly excited though. love actually making a difference in someone’s life. looking forward to one day becoming a nurse practitioner...currently working with oncology patients.this journal will mostly consist of my ramblings and photoshop creations{icons,headers,wallpapers} the latter entries will be public as for the former, they’re friends only.
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